June 16, 2014



V-KOOL, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of V-KOOL clear window film in the U. S. In Houston and surrounding areas, we save you money by blocking the heat of the sun that causes your high utility bills and fading of your fabrics and furniture.

All of this can be accomplished while keeping your windows virtually clear and maintaining your view.

Linda Saner has been with V-KOOL for over 15 years helping your home or business stay “cool and clear”!

Call us today for a free estimate. We are your energy savings specialists!

Harvesting Day Light While Making Your Glass Perform.


Linda Saner
13805 West Rd, Suite 400
Houston, TX. 77041
Office 713-856-8333
Fax 713-856-8998
Toll Free 800-217-7046

Email: lsaner@v-kool-usa.com
Website: www.v-kool-usa.com

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